Medi Financial

Doctor physician shaking hands with a financial adviser and financial planner.

Medi Financial applies 20+ years of experience helping medical practitioners nationwide to our techniques. Across medical specialties, we have accompanied many of our more seasoned clients from their first years of residency, all the way through opening and eventually selling their practice.
We have worked to help protect our clients and their families in the form of asset protection, insurance planning, and asset diversification throughout their lives. Our clients look to us as their guide and we honor this position with great passion and responsibility.
At Medi Financial, we are dedicated to providing medical professionals with the resources, experience, and expertise they need to make well informed financial decisions. Keeping within this concentration allows us to understand not just our clients' individual needs, but the unique needs for their respective medical specialties. 
We understand that the time our medical clients have is scarce, and our rich familiarity of the environment within which they work privileges our team to accomplish a great deal in a time-efficient manner.